FAQ about Kanzashi

✿ ♥  Here're some questions we're being oftenly asked for ♥ ✿

What is Kanzashi ?
Kanzashi is a Traditional Japanese Handcrafts, being use for hair accesories, made by an origami technique, and using fabrics for material

How about the material ?
We used sateen fabrics to get the shiny and glamorous results

Does the making involved a special tools?
not really, just need scissors and tweezer

What if it gets dirty somehow ?
not recommended, but, you can try to washed it in a soapy water, then quickly soak it with clean water, and hairdryer will do the rest (not applicable for all items)

 Does kanzashi really originated from japan ?
yes dear

How about discounts ?
uhm....... V(^^)V
i think our kanzashi's prices are good already.

Do you open a class how to make kanzashi ?
not yet, maybe someday

Do you ship worldwide ?
not yet, so far only for local buyer in Indonesia, since the shipment fee from Jakarta to other countrry are more expensive than the goods itself, but its all up to you thou

and many many other interesting questions

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